W7 Lightly Toasted Palette

W7 is a make up brand originated in London. Although this palette was bought in New York, USA. I’m not sure if this palette is already available here in the Philippines thou. Surely this is not available in any Malls, however it may or may not be available thru online sellers that are importing make up products from different countries.

I been using this product for three (3) months and here’s what I think about it.


It comes in a tin packaging. The colors were separated by a black foam. I appreciate that it comes with a tin or metal packaging however, it is so light-weight that it can be crushed in just a light force. It also comes with a slim dual end eye shadow brush. I don’t recommend using the brush that comes with it because you will be having a hard time. I’m using it thou for my eye brows! 🙂 Well, for the price of the product.. I can say, packaging is acceptable.


This palette comes in twelve (12) gorgeous shades! most of the shades are pigmented except for Cracker and Magic. The shadows have a subtle shimmer which is awesome because you can definitely use it everyday without looking like you’re about to go to a party. There are two (2) matter colors — the Cracker and Lady Luck. I just hope the names of the shades were put beside them.


Here are the lovely swatches! 🙂


I highly recommend this brand if you are looking for an inexpensive palette that has a high-end looking quality. The colors are easy to mix and match and to blend as well. This is a great palette to use if you’re a beginner in make up and would like to practice blending. I also noticed that this is a great dupe for Urban Decay Naked palette which costs 54USD (roughly 2,500php). This W7 palette only costs around 8-10USD (300-400php).

Let’s summarized!


  • Inexpensive
  • creamy texture
  • won’t crease even without an eye shadow primer
  • Not tested on animals (Cruelty-free)
  • GREAT dupe for high-end palettes
  • GREAT for everyday use


  • Inaccessible here in the Philippines
  • very slim brush included
  • shade’s name written at the back
  • packaging is a bit flimsy


Will I recommend this product? YES!           Rating: 9/10

W7 website

Amazon Link for W7 lightly toasted


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