Maybelline Color Show Lipstick

I know this review is so century late.. but yeah, still doing it.. LOL!


Maybelline Color Show Lipstick

I’ve been seeing this lipstick in every drug store and never wanted to buy it, now I know why… Let’s put it this way… The good, the bad, and the ugly.

What’s good about it? The Price. yep! This costs 165php ($3.40) each and….. I even got it on SALE for 148php ($3). A lipstick for that amount? Don’t expect too much, girl! 🙂 Well, another good thing about it.. it’s VERY moisturizing on lips! When I say very.. It’s VERY. It actually feels like you’re wearing a Lip gloss.

I got two (2) shades. These are the shades left when I purchased these. What’s bad about this lipstick? It feels like it is melting on my lips and it has shimmer. It’s not just it has a glossy finish, it literally has shimmer/fine glitters! which I did not know! I actually felt sad when I first used it. As what I have mentioned, I’ve seen this lipstick before, I’ve tried swatching it on my hand and it was actually good, it was matte-finish. So when I was buying it, I’m not bothered if I can’t try it since there are no testers available. Well, based on my research.. (wow! LOL!) I’ve checked online and I saw other reviews, this Maybelline Color Show lipstick actually has a Matte version and they’re loving it! 😦 What’s bad about the packaging is that it doesn’t say what kind of finish it has, I saw the matte version online and it has exactly the same packaging and writings.




The Ugly… I don’t even know if it is wearable. Sorry , Maybelline. I love your products, but not this one. It looks good on camera, but in person, It’s so shiny! I feel like every time I will wear it, people will always look on my lips cause that’s how I am! haha! Guilty! Every time I saw a person wearing a shocking, shiny lipstick, I can’t stop myself from looking on their lips and make face. I mean, I do wear shiny lipstick but I only wear lipstick that is satin finish if I want something with subtle shimmer.

Overall, I don’t encourage people not to buy this but I’m just telling you what and what not to expect. If I would rate it, I would give it 7/10. Haha!  I did not like it personally but if you’re into shiny lips, go ahead and try this out! 🙂

Have you tried this product? Let me know your thoughts! Leave a comment below..

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