Maybelline Micellar Water


Maybelline Micellar Water



This product claims that it can remove make up, cleanse, hydrates, and soothes skin. This costs 199php (4USD) available in any Maybelline kiosk, department store, or drug store. I love this product because I don’t need to put a lot of product on my face. I’m using it to remove my make up, as my moisturizer, and toner. ALL in ONE! Here’s my thoughts about this Micellar Water:


  • Inexpensive – for 199php you’ll get 200mL of product
  • Removes make up easily. It can remove heavy make up too and even waterproof mascara or eye liner
  • Moisturizes and cleanses – sometimes when I’m so tired from work, I will remove my make up using this and go to sleep! I really don’t need to wash my face since it cleanses my skin at the same time.
  • gentle to eyes and there’s no harsh smell. They said this actually doesn’t have a smell but for me, i can smell a very little scent to it.


  • packaging – it would be better if the cap is a “pop up” type. :p


This is my skin now… my blemishes are gone, some lightens. Hydrated and with natural glow. BTW, I don’t have make up in this picture, well, I have lipstick on cause I tried the Maybelline creamy matte in Burgundy blush that I bought the day I took this photo. 🙂 My thoughts about this lipstick will be up on this blog soon..


RATE: 9/10

Will I recommend it? Of course, YES! 🙂 This is actually my second bottle cause I’ve been using it for a while now.



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