Bench Aloe Gel

I tried the aloevera gel from The Body Shop thru my sister and I fell in love with it! I wanted to have one but I find it expensive if I will be getting it from The Body Shop. I found another one from Daiso but I did not buy it thinking that it might not be as effective as what I have tried. I saw this Bench Aloe Gel last December while doing my holiday shopping sesh but then again, I did not buy it thinking of the same thing.. Then I saw good reviews about Bench Aloe Gel, so why not give it a shot? Here’s my thoughts about it.


  • It is water-based. easily absorbed by my skin.
  • It is 94% aloe. I mean, it is good that it is made of 94% aloe since I got it for a very affordable price
  • It is very moisturizing and cooling. I feel so refreshed and clean whenver I apply it on my face because of its cooling effect.
  • It is affordable. I got it for 149php (3USD)
  • It is ORGANIC. it must be good. 🙂


  • Not really a problem. But I wished to have a small spatula for hygienic purposes. Nonetheless, this product is great!


    RATE: 9/10

    Will I recommend this? YES! Give it a try!


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