L'oreal Infallible Foundations


L'oreal Infallible FoundationsL’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte is my holy grail foundation. I got it from the US when my sister had her annual vacation there since it is not available here in the Philippines. As per the L’oreal lady from Watsons Megamall that I’ve talked to, this foundation is not available here in the Ph because it was not approved by Food & Drug Administration (FDA) due to SPF issue. Yes, this foundation doesn’t have any SPF protection which is very important for us living in a tropical country. As per her, that’s only difference of the one in a bottle and the one in tube but it’s just “the same”. After a few months, I ran out of the pro-matte foundation so I needed to have another one. I’ve seen a lot of Online stores in the Philippines now selling this foundation but I’m scared that I might purchase a fake one selling for the same price as the original to make it seem like “Authentic”. And that’s why I tried to purchase the one the bottle. Surprisingly, when I was about to buy it, the label doesn’t have any “Pro-matte” in it. I asked again another lady from L’oreal kiosk in Watsons Greenhills branch. She said the same thing, that this foundation is just the same as the one in tube (Pro-matte). I asked her if it is matte, she said yes it is. okay.. enough with the chit-chat. Let’s compare.

First thing I’ve noticed about these two, was the shade difference. My shade is 104 Golden Beige. They have the same shade number/name but they are different! The picture below shows the product comparison. (Sorry it’s a little blurred :p ) By just looking at the product, you will notice the color difference. Bottled (Infallible Foundation) is lighter than the Tubed (Pro-matte). It also has thinner consistency than the pro-matte.

L'oreal Infallible Foundations

Here’s the swatches of the products. As you can see, the Infallible Foundation is lighter than the Pro-matte. That’s how they look during application.


And here’s how it looks after it dries or set. This is just one swipe of the product. The infallible foundation has light to medium coverage while the Pro-matte has a medium to full coverage and you can really notice the difference with the product shade. Aside from that, there’s also a big difference with the scent of the two foundations! The pro-matte smells like the usual chemical-y scent but it’s not that bad while, the Infallible has a fruity smell and I personally don’t like it.


Although there are differences between the two, I still like the Infallible Foundation. It is long-lasting just like the pro-matte although, the coverage is good too but you have to work with it if you want a fuller coverage. Both of them are light weight but I would still pick the Pro-matte though. With Pro-matte, I don’t need to use a concealer to brighten my under eye or to cover my blemishes which on the other hand, the Infallible can’t do. Lastly, the Oil control of Pro-matte is better than the Infallible.

My rate for these: 5/5 for Pro-matte and 4/5 for the Regular Infallible Foundation.

BTW, here’s a tip about these foundations. Since they are both matte finish, you really need to use a primer.. A primer with a blurring effect is a MUST because they have the tendency to emphasize your pores! For application, I recommend to apply the foundation from outward to inside meaning, place the products on your cheeks near the ear, chin, temples then blend it inward. With this application, it prevents the product to build up on the sides of your nose, under your eyes, will somehow prevent emphasizing your pores. This is a very good Department/Drug store foundation. I highly recommend giving it a try! 🙂

What’s your current Favorite foundation? Have you tried this product? Share your thought below in the comment section. 🙂 Thank you for visiting my page! :*


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