Hello! Hello!

My name is Chi and I’m from the

First of all, I would like to let you know that I’m a YouTube addict! I love watching beauty, make up, DIY, and even daily vlogs. I also want to be a “youtuber” but I guess, I’m not brave enough to do it. I’m afraid to post a video of myself doing something, saying something on the web. Aside from that, I don’t have a car. (ang arte!) Admit it! you know how dangerous it is to pull out your gadget in the middle of the streets, or while commuting in Metro Manila because of the thieves/ robbers everywhere. Sad to say, that’s the reality. And because of that, I realized, since I’m not yet prepared to do YouTube videos… why not start a blog? (LIGHT BULB!) and so, this site was made. 🙂

I love make up and other things that you can put in yo’ face so your skin will look fresh, moisturized, and young-looking. Just like you, i don’t want to waste my money buying something that is not worthy. Every peso counts!

I want to be a beauty blogger even though I’m not your typical skinny, fair skin, or someone with a “tumblr-y” or  “pinteresting” kind of hair/hair style. For me, beauty comes from within (Naks! Ms. Universe!) 🙂 I don’t put make up to be “beautiful”, I wear make up to feel BETTER. Yes, to feel better. I always feel good about myself, I just need a little push with the help of make up to feel better than always.

This blog is all about beauty and make up reviews. Product reviews are based on my personal thoughts and opinions, you can use it as your guide however, the product results may be different for you and me.

For Product reviews, events, collabs, or other questions… Just send me an email at